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Privacy Policy & User Agreement

PeerSpot aims to bring the professionals closer to each other locally and virtually through this platform and bridge a seamless flow of knowledge, making them more productive and fulfilling. Privacy Policy and User Agreement intend to protect the business interest of PeerSpot and Personal interest of the Members.

PeerSpot puts its best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information on the website. However, no guarantees are made that the information contained on this website or associated, or linked to websites are accurate, complete and current at any given time. Information presented on this website / App or associated sites may change at any time. Any information appearing on this website is issued as general information and is not warranted by PeerSpot. No responsibility can be accepted by PeerSpot as a result of information contained on this website.


Account Reconciliation Period: Time within which the Member’s Account will be reconciled with reference to the Payment made to PeerSpot or the Payment Received from PeerSpot, on account of the services availed or offered or promoted.

Active Member: A member is said to be Active if he/she has linked the bank account in the Profile settings and he/she signs-up at least once in 12 months.

Contribution Account: An page on PeerSpot to receive monitory contribution from fans / followers / public in general. By no means this is charity or donation. Engaged Member: A member is said to be Engaged, if he/she has not “Unsubscribed” the PeerSpot Newsletter he/she posts relevant feedback after each of the meetings, if any, be it as a Seeker or as a Provider

Inactive Member: A member who is not active, is termed as an Inactive Member.

Member: Any person who uses PeerSpot, by opening an account on the website/mobile app of PeerSpot is termed as a Member or Existing Member.

Non-compliance to the Terms and Condition: In case of not agreeing to comply with any of the PeerSpot Policies or Agreement, it’d be treated as “non-compliance to the Terms and Condition”.

Payment Disbursement Period: Period during which PeerSpot would release the payable amount to the Provider (against the Provider Fees received from the Seeker), Refund agaist meeting cancellation (to the SEEKER) and payment amount to the Referee (against the Referral Rewards received on account of earning by the Referred Member as a Provider).

Payment Gateway Charges: The Payment Gateway service provider charges for their services towards unification of the digital payment. Such charges are to be paid by the Seeker, in addition to the Provider Fees and PeerSpot Commission. Such charges would be shown inclusive of all applicable taxes.

PeerSpot Commission / Commission: An amount charged by PeerSpot to the Seeker, towards connecting her/him to the Provider, under the scope, agreement, and policy of PeerSpot. Over and above the Fees charged by the Provider, the Seeker also needs to pay the Commission to PeerSpot. This Commission would be exclusive of the applicable taxes.

Privacy Policy: The document termed as “Privacy Policy” as charted by PeerSpot.

Program: PeerSpot Referral Program, under which PeerSpot offers an opportunity to the members to earn rewards by promoting PeerSpot via sharing their referral code to the new joining members.

Promotion Code: PeerSpot may from time to time make available, directly or through a third party, gift cards or codes or coupons which would be redeemable for a specified Paid Service for a predefined period of time. Such code would be termed as a “Promotion Code”.

Provider: A member who is approached by another member for a meeting. The Provider is paid by the Seeker. The Provider is approached by the Seeker for such meetings for validation/ideation/discussion/take opinions/knowledge sharing/business dealing/etc.

Provider Charges / Provider Fees: An amount charged by the Provider towards sharing his time and knowledge with the Seeker. Provider Charges are to be paid by the Seeker. Such charges would be shown inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Referral Code: It’s a unique alphanumeric code, auto-generated by PeerSpot once the user profile is created. Member may this referral code for inviting people to PeerSpot. A member will require to use the same code to earn referral rewards under the Program.

Referee: An individual who invites a person to join PeerSpot, by offering her/his Referral Code.

Referred: An individual whom a PeerSpot member invites to join PeerSpot using her/his Referral Code.

Referral Rewards: The monetary amount a Referee earns as per the eligibility criteria and Referral Reward percentage defined. For further details, please read here. Rules of the Meeting: A Policy, defining the Rules and Regulations governing the Meeting between the Provider and the Seeker.

Terms and Conditions: The “Privacy Policy”, the “User Agreement”, the “Payment and Refund Policy”, etc. kind of any such Policy or Agreement which are binding to the Member towards the use of PeerSpot – are collectively termed as the “Terms and Conditions”.

Seeker: A member who approaches another member for a meeting. The Seeker pays to the Provider.

Unengaged Member: A member who is not engaged is termed as an Unengaged Member.

User Agreement: The document termed as “User Agreement” as charted by PeerSpot.

PeerSpot reserves rights to amend this policy any point in time without giving any intimation to the users. PeerSpot may communicate in regard to all updates, promotions, services, etc. via email notifications, in-app messages.

Privacy Policy

Our registered users (termed as “Members”) share their professional identities, engage with the network, exchange knowledge and professional insights, post and view relevant content, learn and find business and career opportunities. This policy applies to the websites/domains / mobile apps of and

If you use our Services, you give consent to the collection, use and sharing of your personal data under this Privacy Policy (which includes our Cookie Policy and other documents referenced in this Privacy Policy) and agree to the User Agreement.

PeerSpot collects the data from your profile on LinkedIn and Facebook, which are publicly available otherwise. In case of member deletes / deactivates his/her Facebook Profile or LinkedIn profile - his/her access using the same on PeerSpot will not be possible.

To create an account on PeerSpot, the user provides below information:

- Full name; Contact No.; E-mail ID; LinkedIn profile access; Facebook profile access; Current City; Current Location

The entire payment mechanism is routed through the registered Payment Gateway platform providers. In regard to the transaction, PeerSpot would store the information shared by the Payment Gateway platform providers only.

PeerSpot would store below information related to the activities of the Members on the app or website:

Profile Search results; Request sent/received for a meeting; Requests accepted for the meeting; Proposals accepted for the meeting; Charges charged and charges paid for the meeting; Information exchanged over “Chat option”; Meeting date, time and location; Meeting reminders set; Meeting commencement and meeting completion related data; Member reviews and feedback about the meeting, App, Website and services; Survey details from the time-to-time surveys being conducted by PeerSpot; Referrals suggested (Members referred) who joined PeerSpot and who have not joined PeerSpot

Further to the above, a Member may choose to link/share below details on its willingness.:

Blog; Twitter account; Instagram account

PeerSpot would show all updated Member information in their profile. A Member may delete the information as may feel suitable.

PeerSpot receives personal data about you when you use the services of our customers and partners, such as prospective employers and applicant tracking systems providing us job application data.

PeerSpot logs usage data when you visit or otherwise use our Services, including our sites, app and platform technology (e.g., our off-site plugins), such as when you view or click on content (e.g., learning video) or ads (on or off our sites and apps), perform a search, install one of our mobile apps, share articles or apply for jobs. PeerSpot uses log-ins, cookies, device information and internet protocol (“IP”) addresses to identify you and log your use.

As further described in our Cookie Policy, PeerSpot uses cookies and similar technologies (e.g., web beacons, pixels, ad tags and device identifiers) to recognize you and/or your device(s) on, off and across different Services and devices.

When you visit or leave our Services (including our plugins or cookies or similar technology on the sites of others), PeerSpot receives the URL of both the site you came from and the one you go to next. PeerSpot also gets information about your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser and add-ons, device identifier and features, and/or ISP or your mobile carrier. If you use our Services from a mobile device, that device will send us data about your location. Most devices allow you to prevent location data from being sent to us and PeerSpot honours your settings.

An employer (or other person or entity procuring our Services for your use) may provide us with information about their employees or contractors who make use of these Services. For example, PeerSpot will get contact information for “Organization Page” administrators and for authorizing Members of our Premium Services.

PeerSpot uses Member’s data that PeerSpot has about the Member to provide, support, personalize and make our Services (including ads) more relevant and useful to the Member and others.

PeerSpot uses the data of the users to authenticate them and authorize access to PeerSpot Services.

Main Service:

Our services would allow you to access the most suitable Member of the platform. To meet such suitable persons, Member may choose to propose, schedule and commence a meeting. The entire process is facilitated via this platform. The platform would also help Member in identifying the most suitable Member for meeting in the proximity. Since Member location is important in suggesting the most suitable Member meet, our services propose to keep the location sharing ON.

Our services would keep the Member updated about the new Members joining and new skill sets introduced. Also, our services would also help Members in spreading their expertise and knowledge across the community. Depending upon the skills and interest areas of the Members, our services would help them in identifying such interesting professionals in and around on a dynamic basis.

The platform, in turn, would help the Members in acquiring new skills/ expertise/knowledge from those who have something better.

Referral Program:

Our referral service enables the Members to connect more Members to this platform and in return, one would earn rewards, as the "Member Referral Program" defined from time to time.

Since it’s a Member who decides to whom he/she would meet and what kind of suggestions he/she would take in practice, PeerSpot does not take any responsibility towards authenticity and application of such inputs given by a Member to another Member. Hence, PeerSpot recommends the Members neither to indulge in an effort where one does not hold knowledge forte, nor one is to take the advice from the other Member without conscious understanding.

Even a Member has opted the services via a referral, PeerSpot does not take any responsibility for the authenticity of the advice and practices suggested by another Member to the new Member.

Even if a Member practices advice of another Member and results into any material loss, dignity loss, social loss, or any such loss - PeerSpot does not take any liability to repair or compensate for any kind of circumstances.

In no event, PeerSpot is liable to repay the Member, once Member has exercised the services under the purview of the service bucket.

Premium Listing:

PeerSpot may offer premium listing to the Members; where Member’s name would be shown on the top while a local Member is searching for a professional to meet.

Our mode of communication could be anything out of - SMS, email, Newsletter, Notifications, etc. Member may change the communication preference as may seem suitable.

PeerSpot does not guarantee the performance and relevance of the Profiles listed under "Premium Listing". It's purely prerogative of the Member to verify, contact, meet and take professional services via PeerSpot.

Even if a Member practices advice of such "premium Listing" profiles and results into any material loss, dignity loss, social loss, or any such loss - PeerSpot does not take any liability to repair or compensate for any kind of circumstances.

In no event, PeerSpot is liable to repay the Member, once Member has exercised the services under the purview of the service bucket.

Information sharing:

Member profile is completely visible to all the Members and customers of our services, other than contact details (contact number and email ID).

For any clarity on your data, concerns related to the services, Policy matter, etc. please contact us on

User Agreement

PeerSpot aims to bring the individuals closer by virtue of personal meetings and gatherings. However, in order to protect the purpose of such meetings and gatherings, it’s imperative to follow certain rules. Our services are designed in such a manner as to encourage seamless knowledge sharing and ideation. PeerSpot enables people to meet the peers, building a stronger knowledge-based community. Entire process envisages that the one who devotes his/her time with the one who seeks knowledge gets a due value of one’s time.

By clicking “Join us”, “Join PeerSpot”, “Sign Up” or similar, for registering, accessing or using our services (described below), you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding Contract with PeerSpot (even if you are using our Services on behalf of a company). If you do not agree to this terms and conditions (of the “Contract” or “User Agreement”), do not click “Join Now”, “Join PeerSpot”, “Sign Up” or similar(or similar); and do not access or otherwise use any of our Services.

This Contract applies to, PeerSpot App, and all the services being offered under this Contract, including but not limited to data collection, data retention, data usage, and Sponsored services.

Registered users of this Services are termed as “Members” and non-registered users are termed as “Visitors”. This Contract applies to both.

This contract is subject to modification from time to time as PeerSpot shall progress, as the regulatory bodies bring in amendments, as the members suggest better ways and means of operations. Upon all such changes/amendments, members shall be notified over registered email ID. If user objects to any changes, the user may close down the account. After publishing such amendments, services would continue only after the user gives his/her consent for continuation.


The services are not for use by anyone who is under the age of 16. Hence, by subscribing to the services (means opening an account and conforming to the agreement) the user agrees that he/she is of an age above 16; holds an account with LinkedIn or Facebook, complying their agreement terms.


A member would require to pay another member towards opting his/her services and also would pay PeerSpot. Such transactions would be handled by the PeerSpot platform. Payment received from the payee would be transferred to the beneficiary once the meeting modalities would be fulfilled.

In the future, the member may also require to pay for our new services.

PeerSpot may store the payment and billing details, even after full payment and service expiry.

All the payments would subject to “PEERSPOT’s PAYMENT & REFUND POLICY”.

Taxes would be calculated based upon the prevailing government norms.

Service messages:

PeerSpot would communicate with the members by means of email, SMS, mobile notifications. Hence, the member agrees to keep the contact information updated all the time. It's solely member's responsibility to keep the contact details updated.

PeerSpot shall not share any information pertaining to the platform with any entity other than PeerSpot affiliated entity.

Data ownership:

Member owns the data, information, and content posted on the platform. Hereby the member grants PeerSpot to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and process the data published on the platform. This grant is subject to the following:

(1) Member can end this agreement by deleting the account;

(2) The content shared by the members will not be used for advertisement without their consent;

(3) While PeerSpot may edit and make formatting changes to the content (such as translating it, modifying the size, layout or file type or removing metadata), we will not modify the meaning of your expression

Because you own your content and information and PeerSpot only have non-exclusive rights to it, you may choose to make it available to others.

You agree that PeerSpot may access, store and use any information that you provide in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and your choices (including settings). By submitting suggestions or other feedback regarding our Services to PeerSpot, you agree that PeerSpot can use and share (but does not have to) such feedback for any purpose without compensation to you.

You agree to only provide content or information that does not violate the law nor anyone’s rights (including intellectual property rights). You also agree that your profile information will be truthful.

While opting out for the services of PeerSpot, the member must take care of his/her employment contract. For any breach of the employment contract, in contradiction with PeerSpot’s services and policies - PeerSpot does not take any responsibilities and ensure reinstatement of employment or loss of pay. As may be required, the member may take consent from the employer towards opting out the services of PeerSpot

Any conflict arising out the vested interest of the employer and PeerSpot, the member would require to take a call for the continuation of association.

PeerSpot does not encourage any member opting for its services at a cost of one’s employment. Any member found engaging in any activities pertaining to SEXUAL HARASSMENT, PeerSpot would terminate his/her account.

Service access:

PeerSpot may change/terminate its services. It’s not guaranteed to keep or show the content posted.

PeerSpot stores very specific information about the members. However, member agrees that PeerSpot holds no responsibilities to hold the details shared, posted or history generated on the platform.

PeerSpot does not validate any content, data, information shared by the members. And hence does not take any responsibilities towards the authenticity of the same.

Members are consciously aware of the risk associated with the data, information, etc. is shared over the PeerSpot platform. PeerSpot cannot avoid misuse of the data/information provided by the members.

PeerSpot reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate your account if PeerSpot believes that you may be in breach of this Contract or law or are misusing the Services (e.g. violating any Do and Don’ts).

PeerSpot reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Services. Using the Services does not give members any ownership of the Services or the content or information made available through PeerSpot’s Services. Trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos used for the Services are trademarks or registered trademarks of PeerSpot.

To the extent allowed under the law, PeerSpot (A) disclaim all implied warranties and representations (warranties of merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, accuracy of the data, and non infringement); (B) do not guarantee that the services will function without interruption or errors; (C) provide the services on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

To the extent allowed under the law, PeerSpot shall not be liable to the members or others for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages, or any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or revenues, related to the services.

In no event, shall the liability of PeerSpot exceed, in the aggregate for all claims, an amount that is the lesser of (A) five times the most recent fees paid to PeerSpot, if any or (B) INR 5,000/-. PeerSpot is at all not responsible to pay for any intellectual loss or loss of time, incurred to the user on account of the meeting conducted.

The contract can be terminated by either entity (the member or the PeerSpot) anytime, with notice to the other. On termination, member loses the right to access or service. The following shall prevail post-termination:

(1) PeerSpot’s rights to use and disclose the feedback provided by the member; (2) Member’s rights to further re-share the content and information shared through the services to the extent copied or re-shared prior to termination

In a misfortune event of legal disputes, the member agrees to resolve it in the jurisdiction of Ahmadabad, India.

Though PeerSpot strives to encourage a respectful user experience through features like the built-in chat, and on-call meetings (or virtual meetings), it only allows users to communicate if they have both expressed consent to meet (in-person or on-call). PEERSPOT is not responsible for the conduct of any user on or off of the Service. You agree to use caution in all interactions with other users, particularly if you decide to communicate off the Service or meet in person. You agree that you will not provide your financial information (for example, your credit card or bank account information), or wire or otherwise to send/receive money, to other users.


The purpose of ‘Contribution’ is to enable the user to receive a contribution from their fans and followers. To Have “Contribution” account it’s mandatory for the user to sign up on PeerSpot. The information displayed on the “Contribution Account page” is confirmed by the user. From the amount received via “Contribution Account” PeerSpot will deduct 2.5% towards Payment Gateway Charges & such facilitation. Further, PeerSpot may also deduct / levy charges as per Government norms and regulations. PeerSpot shall remit the amount received under "Contribution" within 7 working days.


Disclaimer PeerSpot uses the maximum care as is possible to ensure that all or any data/information in respect of the electronic transfer of money does not fall in the wrong hands. For completing online transactions involving payments a user is directed to a secured payment gateway, PeerSpot does not store or keep financial data such as credit card numbers/passwords/ PINs, etc "Personal Account Related Information". Since the transaction happens on a third party network not controlled by PeerSpot, once an online transaction has been completed, the Personal Account Related Information is not accessible to anyone at PeerSpot after completion of the online transaction at the payment gateway, this ensures maximum security. PeerSpot shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by reason of any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of any information concerning the user's account and / or information relating to or regarding online transactions using credit cards / debit cards and / or their verification process and particulars nor for any error, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information so disclosed and used whether or not in pursuance of a legal process or otherwise.

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