Considering the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus, we suggest peers to opt for "VIRTUAL MEETINGS".  

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Making awesome interactions happen!
PeerSpot Technologies
Meet people to explore new experiences, knowledge & ideas
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What PeerSpot is about?
Engaging by one-on-one  purposeful conversations 
Networking by requests
Relationship  / Dating
Posting image / videos
Like / Share / Comment
What PeerSpot facilitates?
Enables people to share their knowledge and experience while ensuring privacy
Acts as a bridge between curious minds and intellectuals
Explore new avenues like Literature, Performing arts, Philosophy, Political Theory, etc. more
Triggers interactions between like-minded people
Our promise
You will surely find someone you absolutely yearned to meet
Why to meet someone?

Professional Nurturing

PeerSpot gladly hosts


Professionals from organizations such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, Ola, Practo, SAP, IKEA, KPMG, McKinsey, WWF, etc

Students and alumni from institutes like IIT, IIM, NITIE, IIFT, XLRI

People pursuing their interests in Performing Art, i.e. Sarangi, Kathak, Music Composition, Film Production, etc.

Meet them to give / seek guidance related to

Career counselling, handling competitive exams (CAT / JEE / CA / UPSC), admissions, GD, PI, Job interviews


How to get into elite organizations, and insights on functioning & life there

Professional aspects such as Marketing, Skill development, Six-sigma, Product management, etc


Startup - Idea validation, GTM strategies, Branding, Tech-stack validation, etc.

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Stimulating interactions for Curious minds

Meet people from different walks of life & venture into a new domain or discover like-minded folks

An engineer may wish to understand geopolitical issues

An artist may love to explore 'Crypto-Currency'

A doctor may find solace in the interpretation of Art

Discover new life-changing or business ideas by meeting new people

Discuss on thoughts and works of Elon Musk, Swami Vivekananda, etc.

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Why Paid Meetings?

Paid meetings ensure purposeful conversations, giving due importance to the time and experience of an individual

Privacy Protected

With Built-in Chat and Audio-Video Call, there is no need to share contact detail at any point

Choose to Donate

Donate meeting fees to charity, thereby helping a genuine seeker as well as society

How to set a Meeting?
Profile, Skills, Interests & Expertise
Convey the purpose of meeting
Accept / Reject request as appropriate
Secured & Convenient
Chat & Schedule a meeting
virtual meeting
In-Person or Virtual (anonymous)
About the meeting & platform
UPI /PayTM / NEFT / Donate
Platform Features
NotificationsPush / SMS / e-mail notifications for meeting & transactions
PrivacySecured: Personal Contact Information and Transactions
ScheduleSync meetings with Google Calendar
RemittanceEase of remittance : UPI / PayTM / Google Pay / NEFT / Donate
WishlistBookmark profiles for future reference
Referral RewardLifetime - Whenever your referred peer & PeerSpot earn, you earn

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